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#199, Setec Industrial Park,
Dakan, Xili Town, Nanshan
District, Shenzhen ,China

Cyprus Solar Agriculture Irrigation
1.5kw pump+3.7kw inverter+4250w solar panels
1: AC pump: 1.5kw, 2HP,3phase 415v, 50Hz
2: Solar pump inverter: SGY3700H (5hp, 3phase,380v, Input voltage: 450V-750V.,MPPT voltage: 500V-600V ) is inverter best working voltage
3: Power of solar panels: 4250w (Each pcs is 250w,total 17pcs; Vmp: 30.8V, Voc : 37.4V)
17pcs of 250w solar panels
17pcs in series, 1strings in parallel.
Total Vmp: 30.8V*17pcs=523.6VMeet inverter's MPPT voltage 500V-600V
Total Voc: 37.4V*17pcs=635.8V Meet inverter's input voltage 450V-750V, VOC can not exceed 750v.
Total power: 250w*17pcs=4250w