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#199, Setec Industrial Park,
Dakan, Xili Town, Nanshan
District, Shenzhen ,China

Inverter Series
22-37KW Solar Pump Inverter
  • 22-37KW Solar Pump Inverter
  • 22-37KW Solar Pump Inverter
  • 22-37KW Solar Pump Inverter

22-37KW Solar Pump Inverter

Power from 750W to 75KW
Drives 3 phase AC pump
Gets DC power from PV
No need battery and controller
Mainly used for irrigation

Brief introduction:

Solar pumping system is composed of a solar array,a pump and a solar pumping inverter. Based on the design philosophy that it is better to store water than electricity , there is no energy storing device such as storebattery in the system. The solar array,an aggregation of many solar modules connected in series and parallel ,  absorbs sunlight radiation and converts it into electrical energy , providing dynamical water for the whole system. The pumping inverter controls and adjusts the system  operation and converts  the  DC produced  by  solar array  into  AC  to drive the pump ,  and adjust  the output  frequency  intensity to realize the maximumpower point tracking (MPPT) . The pump, drive by 3-phase AC motor,can draw water fromthe deep wells or rivers and lakes to pour  into the storage tank or reservoir , or directly connect to the irrigation system ,fountain system,ect. According to the actual systemdemand and installation conditions,different types of pump such as centrifugal pump, axial flow pump,mixed-flow pump or deep-well pump can be used.


Main feature:

•Adopting the proposed dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method ; Fast response speed and stable operation; Better than the conventional methods which may lead to the problems including poor tracking performance,unstable operation or even damaging water hammer effects when the irradiation on the array change rapidly.
•Digital control with full automatic running, data storage and complete protective functions (overload, over voltage,under voltage,over heat, reverse polarity, thunder, over flow and dry running).
•The main circuit adopts intelligent power module (IPM), with high reliability and high efficiency 98%.
•Unique design of aluminum alloy with good cooling and shielding , LCD display (43*29mm) and keys , easy operation , good view through LCD when setting parameter, feel comfortable.
•Protection degree IP41,working temperature: -10~+50℃
•Inverter connects to city power when there is no sunshine to keep system pumping water is available (optional).
•Low voltage drive device is our patent right product, can be used in small solar pumping system to save the quantity  of solar panels.


Solar Pump InverterSolar ArrayAC Pump
Input Voltage 

Rated output
DC power
SGY750L0.75280-430280-3503PH 2200-50/600.8250.553PH 220
SGY750H0.75450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/600.8250.553PH 380
SGY1500L1.5280-430280-3503PH 2200-50/601.651.13PH 220
SGY1500H1.5450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/601.651.13PH 380
SGY2200L2.2280-430280-3503PH 2200-50/602.251.53PH 220
SGY2200H2.2450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/602.251.53PH 380
SGY3700L3.7280-430280-3503PH 2200-50/604.533PH 220
SGY3700H3.7450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/604.533PH 380
SGY5500L5.5280-430280-3503PH 2200-50/60643PH 220
SGY5500H5.5450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/60643PH 380
SGY7500L7.5280-430280-3503PH 2200-50/608.255.53PH 220
SGY7500H7.5450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/608.255.53PH 380
SGY11KH11450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/6011.257.53PH 380
SGY15KH15450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/6016.5113PH 380
SGY18KH18450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/6022.5153PH 380
SGY22KH22450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/6027.818.53PH 380
SGY30KH30450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/6039263PH 380
SGY37KH37450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/6045303PH 380
SGY45KH45450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/6056373PH 380
SGY55KH55450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/6068453PH 380
SGY75KH75450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/6098653PH 380
SGY90KH90450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/60105753PH 380
SGY100KH100450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/60113903PH 380
SGY120KH120450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/601451103PH 380
SGY150KH150450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/601651303PH 380
SGY225KH225450-750480-6003PH 3800-50/602252003PH 380


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