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#199, Setec Industrial Park,
Dakan, Xili Town, Nanshan
District, Shenzhen ,China

Car sharing time is coming to Shenzhen
Views : 15          DATE : 2017-04-05 14:30:00    
If you came to shenzhen recently, you will see many bikes on the streets, such as Mobike, Ofo ect.. Now. Car sharing is coming, which provides a new way for the Shenzhen people to travel. And now all cars are pure EVs.

And it is Mercedes-Benz smart fortwo model. This car is not large space, only to accommodate two people ride.

More EVs are on the road, but EV charging constructions and paking lot are not enough to meet all requirements.
SETEC EV chargers have portable charger and big power charging station,which can meet all standards.