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Green Development to Push New Energy Vehicle Industry
Views : 11          DATE : 2017-04-05 14:29:31    
"To promote the development of automotive power battery industry action program" recently released to speed up the development of automotive power battery industry capacity and level to promote the new energy automotive industry healthy and sustainable development. Industry insiders said that in policy support, in recent years the rapid development of new energy automotive industry.

In order to push New engery vehicle, all gas buses are replaced by EV or hybid EV. New energy bus sales in the new energy bus market accounted for more than 8%. In the strong support of the policy, the development prospects of new energy bus is still good. At present, the new energy bus manufacturers include Yutong, BYD, Zhongtong, Haige Automobile, Nanjing Jinlong, Futian Ouhui, Ankai.
SETEC EV charger has GB/T standard which followed the new edition 2015, and charging voltage can get over 750VDC. And SETEC power developed APP or easy pay for the ender user.