Details of Solar Pump System in a big Farm in Myanmar

Solar Pump System: 2.8KW solar panels+2.2KW solar pump inverter+1.5KW submersible water pump

1. 2.8KW solar panels(19.6V, 100W/pcs, total 28 pcs)

2. 2.2KW solar pump inverter ( 2.2KW, output AC380V, 3-phase)

3. 1.5KW submersible water pump (1.5KW steel water pump, when head is 132m, the capacity is 2m3/h)( Common knowledge:

Though same pump, different head and different pipe cause different capacity)

The actual situation is as below:

Pump is installed in the deepest place in the pool, 25 meters far away from the shore (horizontal direction);



The vertical height between Parallel pipe and shore is 5 meters;


The distance between the shore and small wooden house (inverter's installation place) is 20 meters;

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