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5G Base Station Power Supply

Product model : SET5G


Product origin : Shenzhen, China

5G Base Station Power Supply


The 5G base station power supply  is a backup power supply product designed by our company for the telecom market. This product uses our company's dedicated intelligent IC control.

The system uses non-damage hot plug technology for easy maintenance.Full protection: Input overvoltage protection,output overvoltage protection,output current limit protection,output short circuit protection,over temperature protection,embedded installation,output DC lightning protection,built-in fuse.

Automatic current sharing technology for parallel output.


The 5G base station power supply has a built-in 48V high-capacity lithium battery, the output is pure sine wave 220VAC, output power is 1000W/2000W/3000W. This product is a grid power priority type, supports bypass conversion, integrated charger and battery management unit, simple wiring and easy maintenance.

This product is integrally molded with die-cast aluminum and supports wall mounting or hoop mounting. output pure sine wave, load adaptability (support resistive, inductive and capacitive load access), suitable for telecommunications operators to build micro-station.

Inside / outside distributed station
Easy Macro / LampSite
AtomCell outdoor WIFI or patch blind coverage

Customer prospect
Supply power conviniently and safety
AC input, easily take power nearby. Buil-in battery to guarantee power supply;
Micro station power distribution integrated platform
Fully functional integration for quick deployment; integrated ODF capabilities for a one-stop solution.
Quickly open station
Small size, light weight, easy to install
Long time back-up
Standard 20AH / 40AH battery, battery life up to 4 hours (load is 250W power consumption);
Support battery expansion, the battery can be expanded to 60AH.

System Analysis
The 5G base station power supply is designed with pure aluminum and die-cast aluminum. The protection grade is IP65, which is naturally cooled and no need maintenance
Product partition design, including battery area, power supply area, power wiring area, optical distribution area, providing one-stop solution for micro-station;
The rated output power of the product is 1000W-3000W max, which supports single AC, single DC, AC+DC simultaneous output, meeting various application scenarios;
The battery and power supply can be sold separately or integrated; they can be installed separately or integrated.
Rich interface: 1 AC input, 3 AC or DC output +1 DC output +1 battery output, RS485 communication interface.

Modular design, integrated power supply, optical distribution, backup, monitoring and other modules;
Small size and light weight;
Integrated ,firm structure, safe , IP65
Support single AC, single DC, AC + DC simultaneous output;
Configuration 20Ah lithium battery, expandable according to requirements;
The product installation method is flexible, supporting wall hanging and pole holding;
RRU design,  nice


AC Input
Input voltage single phase 220V
(AC 176-264V)
Frequency  45Hz-65Hz     Rated:50Hz/60Hz
Power factor ≧0.99@220Vac/50A
THD    ≦5%(for 50%-100% ) 

DC Output
Output voltage 48V DC ( range 42V-59VDC)
Output power 3000W max.
Maximum current 53A
94%@220Vac @50% load
Operating temp  -25℃~55℃ 100% power output
Humidity  5%-95%  (no condensing )
Cooling  Force air cooling

Full protection
Input overvoltage,output overvoltage ,output current limit ,output short circuit,over temperature ,embedded installation,output DC lightning
Material pure aluminum and die-cast aluminum
Protection grade IP65
Size and weight 450*350*87.5mm    13kg


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