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CCS Combo 2 EV Plug

Product model : SET-EVD-S3

Brand : SETEC Power

Product origin : Shenzhen, China

CCS Combo 2 EV Plug Description

1. High Flexibility and Durability

Easy-bend and tough rubber are used for the cable.

2. User-friendly Design

This connector is designed to operate viscerally by having handle shape.

3. Excellent Operability

Charging is performed by only inserting a plug into a vehicle-side inlet. After charging is completed, push a button and withdraw the plug.

4. Safety Design

The connector has automated triple safety lock system which prevents the disconnection of the connector from vehicle side inlet accidentally during charging.

5.A Wide Range of Operation Temperature

It can be used under a wide range of environmental temperature from -30℃ to 50℃.


Combined Charging System (CCS) – (BMW, GM, VW, and other carmakers)

Rated voltage


Rated current


Ambient temperature

-30°to +50°

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