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3kW Vehicle To Home V2H

Product model :

Brand : SETEC Power

Product origin : Shenzhen, China

CHAdeMO To Home

Output Power: 3KW/Single Phase

EVs as power sources for living

"Vehicle to Home" is a system that allows you to supply your home with the energy stored in a Nissan LEAF's battery.

By charging up a Nissan LEAF at night when there is more capacity for electrical supply and then using that electricity as the daytime power source for a household, the system helps alleviate consumption of power in peak periods when demand is highest. Further, it can also be leveraged as backup power supply for emergencies.

Technology Functionality

Household power can be supplied from a Nissan LEAF lithium-ion battery by installing a PCS (Power Control System) connected to the household's distribution board, while plugged into the Nissan LEAF DC quick charge port.

To use the electricity stored in the Nissan LEAF lithium-ion battery as household power it is necessary to convert the DC high-voltage electricity to AC 100-260V. The Nissan LEAF EV lithium-ion battery has large capacity and high reliability, meaning it can provide a stable power supply.

3kW Vehicle To Home V2H Benefits

Manage electricity costs:

Consumers can charge the battery in their Nissan LEAF™ at night when electricity prices are cheaper and use it during on-peak periods when rates are higher.

Environmental responsibility:

The Nissan LEAF™ electric vehicle has no internal-combustion engine and no tailpipe, meaning it produces no carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas emissions. When they charge the battery, owners can do so knowing that almost all of Ontario’s electricity is generated from clean sources.

Product Parameters

EV Power Station : Specifications

Input voltage range: Maximum DC 450V

Conversion efficiency: 92% or moreInput current range: DC 0-30A 

Output voltage: AC 100-260V (±6%), 50Hz / 60Hz, Single phase

Output current range: AC 0-30A

Peak power output: 3-6kW

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