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50kw CCS Combo Portable EV Charger

Product model : SET450-100BX-S

Brand : SETEC Power

Product origin : Shenzhen, China

50kw CCS Combo Portable EV Charger Advantages

·Wireless communication remote monitoring and assistance

·Available in several models for different applications

·Built-in safety measures

·User friendly interface

·Soft-switching technology, efficiency up to 95%

·Data management and metering option

50kw CCS Combo Portable EV Charger Description

1. CCS EV charging station is Combined with CCS Combo 2 connector. Portable Fast charger can be moved to anywhere.

2. That can be fit for all CCS Electric Cars, such as BMW i3, i8, VW e-Golf, Renault Zoe and other CCS EVs.

3. SETQCY DC quick charger consists of charging modules, monitor, smart meter, HMI, communication module, charging connector, management and cabinet.

4. DC Quick charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their car safely and quickly. A typical electric car with 24kWh battery pack may be charged as quickly as 40 minutes to get up to 80% of its capacity.

5. The Charger combines industry standardization with advanced charging technology to support next-generation electric vehicles.

Product Parameters


AC Input 3phase Line Voltage(VAC) 380
Voltage Type AC three-phase five-wire
Frequency(HZ) 45~55
Power Factor 0.99
Current THD value ≤5%
Input undervoltage protection value(V) 323±5V
DC Output Nominal output voltage(V) 450/750
Output Current(A) 0~100A
Regulation accuracy ≤0.5%
steady current accuracy ≤1%
Ripple Peak factor ≤0.5%
The output voltage range(V) 0~450V or 0~750V
Short circuit current(A) ≤30A
Output Power 50kW
Mechanical indicators Packaging Carton
Dimensions(W×D×H)mm *
System Weight 80Kg
Protection grade IP31
Operating  Temperature -25°C to +50°C
Protective  Function Short  circuit  protection/ Over temperature protection / Over-voltage / Under-voltage protection/ Communication failure
BMS  Communication CAN2.0   [CHAdeMO]/ [GB/T]
PLC [SAE Combo]
Cooling Forced Ventilation
Display LED: 7 inch Touch Screen
LCD: 3 Color LED lights  - status indicator

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