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Adapter Allows European Chargers charging American Electric Vehicles

CCS Adapters Allow European Chargers (CCSS Combo 2 IEC Standard) to charge American Electric Vehicles (CCS Combo 1 SAE Standard).


The future is in electricity—or at least, the future of the car industry.  By looking at vehicle trends over recent years, it’s easy to see that the production and sale of electric vehicles (EVs) is on the rise. Demand for battery-powered vehicles is forecast to reach 600,000 by 2020 and rise to nearly a million by 2022.


And With the growth of electric vehicles, there is also a considerable part of electric imports from the United States. Typical American cars are 'cheap' in terms of quality when compared to European cars, and they are also lower cost to buy (in the US). from USA. But When it comes to DC Fast charging, it’s a little different. USA’s socket is CCS combo 1, but in European market is CCS combo 2.  So how do you solve the charging problems? 






 So basically, up unitl now, European public charging station cannot support CCS combo1. So the EV owners cannot use public charging station any more. However, that’s now changed. SETEC recently released a product called: CCS adapter that allows USA vehicles ( such as BMW) electric vehicle owners to use any of the public chargers in European. All new DC Fast charge stations being installed have both connectors available (CCS & CHAdeMO), so EV owners really only need a CCS adapter if they want to have access to these fast charging stations. 


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