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lEasy Operation

You can connect to a vehicle-side connector that complies with the JEVS inlet.

lEasy Handling

lGrip shape ergonomically designed.High-flexible cabtyre cable.

lSafety Structure

lone-push release system, I can attachment and detachment of the vehicle in a simple operation.

lCompletely Independent Waterproof Construction

lCircuit routing and waterproof design protect the circuits in the event of water entry.

lA LED Lamp Lights during Charging

lDuring charging is locked release button, LED will light up.

l10,000 Cycles of Insertion and Removal are Possible

lExcellent durability makes use for a long period possible.

lA Wide Range of Operation Temperature

lSET-EVD-C1 can be used under a wide range of environmental temperature from -30℃ to 50℃.

lUser-friendly Design

lLightweight, easy handling, removable easy

Rated voltage


Rated current


Ambient temperature

-30°to +50°


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