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buy uninterruptible power supply:Has Your Company Joined the Workplace Charging Challenge? We Did!

The Workplace Charging Challenge is a program run by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and is open to any business (small or large) that provides charging stations to their employees. We did it and you can too!


It’s simple - take the pledge and join the DOE’s Workplace Charging Challenge. You can “charge up” your workplace by offering your employees that are EV owners with charging stations right where they work. Providing workplace charging stations doesn’t have to be costly or complicated – and it’s beneficial for everyone: employers, employees and your community.


Employers who offer workplace charging will experience the following:


Corporate leadership – Take charge (no pun intended!) and be a workplace whose corporate team is innovative and willing to adopt advanced technology

Sustainability – Enhance your company’s corporate sustainability efforts and reduce an employer’s indirect emissions from employee commutes

Employee incentives – Maximize your employee benefits package by helping employees extend their electric driving range and reducing their commuting costs


Once you make the pledge – you’ll be supported every step of the way with resources, tools, and technical assistance as well as an information sharing network and recognition among your peers.


What are you waiting for? Be a pioneer for change, and join us as a Workplace Charging Challenge Partner. A full transition to electric drive vehicles could reduce U.S. dependence on imported petroleum by more than 80% and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 60%.


And don’t forget – our workplace charging solutions include a comprehensive suite of EV charging systems as well as installation and network services to make your transition as smooth as possible. Learn more here!


If you’re an employer with workplace charging questions, we’re here for you. Just call [+1 (888) 833-2148] or email us! Alternatively, if you’re an employee interested in bringing charging stations to your workplace just download this letter to help start the conversation with your employer.

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Email : info@setec-power.com
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