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uninterruptible power supply companies:Level Up – To Save Serious Time and Money

Looking to get more out of life – and your EV charging experience? We’ve got two words for you: Level Up. What do we mean by Level Up? It’s taking EV charging to the next level. It’s putting hours back into your life – and saving money in the process. Level Up - it’s what we eat, sleep and breathe.


Want the most ‘juice’ for your EV – in the shortest amount of time? You need to Level Up. We explained the different levels of charging in an earlier blog post, and detailed how easy it is to kick your charging up a notch right in your own garage. Still wondering if you should take the plunge and Level Up? Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll gain:


LEVEL UP to Fill ‘e r up – faster: Charge your car up to 5 times more quickly than a Level 1 charger. More miles, less time.

LEVEL UP to fully charge your car in 4-6 hours – vs. the up to 18 hours you would spend charging with Level 1.

LEVEL UP to remove the guesswork: Level 2 chargers are compatible with most EVs and plug-in electric hybrid vehicles.

LEVEL UP to charge during off-peak times and save money. Faster charging means you can take advantage of lower rates when they’re available.

LEVEL UP for reliable, safe, convenient and energy efficient charging.


Need we say more? If you have a 240V power source, then you may be already prepared to Level Up (TurboCord requires a NEMA 6-20P outlet). Give us a call or shoot us an email – we’d be happy to get you on your way.

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