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industrial uninterruptible power supply:Last Chance to Bundle Up – and Save!

If you or a loved one are hoping to find an AeroVironment EV charger under the tree later this month – why not make the gift of fast, convenient charging twice as nice? December is the last month to save hundreds of dollars on our turn-key professional installation services when you buy an RS or TurboCord charger. Installation services start at just $799 with purchase.


Want to charge up in a hurry? Then make sure our RS charger is at the top of your Wish List! Options include a 15 or 25 foot charging cable and hardwired or plug-in mounting.


Want to take it with you? TurboCord fits the bill. It’s the world’s smallest plug-in EV charger. Its dual voltage plug-in design makes charging easy and gives you the freedom and flexibility to charge anywhere.


Whichever charger you choose, when you opt for the installation bundle one of our EV-certified, licensed electricians will come to your house and install it. Our nationwide-network of installers will test it for you and train you on how to use it.


Get started - it’s time for you to join our thousands of customers and fans that give us 5 stars for our outstanding work and the value we offer. Select your bundle of charged-up holiday cheer here.


Before you know it, your new charger will be up and running – and you never even had to put down your cup of eggnog.


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