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uninterruptible power supply manufacturers:World’s Smallest, Lightest Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charger Takes Center Stage at Pepcom’s Digital Experience at 2016 International CES

AeroVironment’s TurboCord Charges 3x Faster than Standard EV Cord Sets

The electric vehicle (EV) movement is in full swing – and it’s coming to a garage near you. According to Frost and Sullivan, global EV sales are expected to reach 10 million units in just five years. AeroVironment, a leader in EV charging and the preferred home charging solution supplier for seven global automakers, has the answer for EV drivers looking to get the most charge for their buck – at home or on the go: TurboCord.



The smallest, lightest and most flexible EV charger on the market today, TurboCord’s dual voltage plug-in design makes charging easy and provides EV drivers with the ability to charge anywhere – quickly. Users can toss TurboCord in their trunk, and plug it in anywhere a 240-volt (NEMA 6-20) outlet is available. TurboCord charges an EV in as little as 2.5 hours, whereas a Level 1 charger – included standard with many EVs – can take up to 7 hours.



TurboCord comes standard with a 20-foot cable and is UL listed for both indoor and outdoor use, in any weather conditions. TurboCord can be seen at Pepcom’s Digital Experience at CES, one of the consumer electronics industry’s largest international media events. Digital Experience takes place from 7:00-10:30 pm on Tuesday, January 5th – the evening before the CES show opens.



AeroVironment teams with major automakers, utilities, municipalities, and government agencies to support the next generation of driver-friendly EVs and is the choice of over 25,000 drivers. In fact, AeroVironment is the preferred charging solution for Nissan, Ford, Volvo, Kia, Fiat, Hyundai and Mitsubishi.



TurboCord’s many benefits include:



Drive More Electric Miles – Charges efficiently and quickly, allowing drivers to get more miles out of their EV. TurboCord charges nearly 3x faster than a Level 1 cord set.

Save Money – TurboCord is two chargers in one (120V and 240V) – letting drivers select the charging level that works for them.

Lower Installation Costs – TurboCord simplifies installation and can be plugged in to any 240V outlet (NEMA 6-20).

State-of-the-Art Design – TurboCord meets the highest safety standards and was the first UL listed dual-voltage plug-in charger on the market.

Extreme Portability – TurboCord fits in the trunk of your car – and has a rugged, weatherproof design.

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