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best buy electric car charger:5 Reasons Why TurboCord is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! SiliconRepublic, The Globe & Mail, Car Gurus and LA Splash Magazine all featured our TurboCord plug-in charger around the holidays. It may be February, but TurboCord is a great gift to give (or get) year-round. It’s a necessity for any PHEV or BEV driver and it’s not too late to take the jump and Level Up.


What makes it a must-have? It’s the smallest, lightest and most flexible plug-in EV charger you can buy.  It saves time and money, and gives you something that you can’t put a number on: peace of mind that you’re always charged up and ready to go. Now that’s priceless.


There are many reasons to put a TurboCord in your trunk – but we’ll make it easier for you by breaking down the top 5:


Keeps You Behind the Wheel Longer: TurboCord charges nearly 3x faster than your Level 1 cord set, so you can get more miles from your EV conveniently.

Saves You Money: Get two chargers in one (120V & 240V)!

Installs Easily and Inexpensively: TurboCord simplifies installation. All you need is a 240V outlet (NEMA 6-20) at home, work, your friend’s house – anywhere you go!

Fits your Life: Right into the palm of your hand, to be exact. It’s also super rugged and weatherproof, letting you charge anywhere - even outdoors.

State-of-the-Art Design:  We’ve gone above and beyond to meet the highest safety standards. TurboCord has unique safety features and is the only UL listed dual-voltage plug-in charger available today.


Accelerate your EV charging and simplify your life with your own TurboCord.  

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