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uninterruptible power supplies:Workplace Charging: 4 Things Your Boss Needs to Know

You have an EV – but does your employer offer charging stations where you work? If you’re interested in having options to “charge up” while at the office, here are four things your boss needs to know about workplace charging.

How much will it cost the company?

You’ll be surprised – it’s not that much. In fact, the cost to maintain 10 charging stations per year accounts for less than 4 percent of the energy bill in an average 100,000 square foot commercial office building, according to building energy analytics firm FirstFuel in a recent analysis of utility meter data.


Can we control who uses our charger?

The control is all yours. This is a common request – most companies want the ability to manage who has access to their workplace chargers. Whether charging is open to the public or limited just to employees, TurboDock allows you to set up access control through the easy-to-use mobile app. Set up one universal PIN, create individual PINs for your electric car drivers or configure the charging station for open access, so no codes are required.


Will installation costs be high?

With TurboDock – get more with less by using a 16 Amp charging station, which actually lowers installation costs. With flexible configuration options and by using your company’s existing electrical infrastructure, you can offer many ports on a Level 1 charger – or mix it up with Level 2 charging ports – and allow people to stay plugged in all day.


Can I expect additional fees after installing EV chargers?

Say goodbye to additional fees with TurboDock! Most smart chargers today connect to smartphones via cellular connections – which means companies are paying connection or access fees on a monthly or annual basis. TurboDock is different. It uses Bluetooth to communicate to smartphones (no cellular connection is needed) – so you can have the access-control features that many companies want, but without connectivity fees and cellular modem costs. 

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