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Renewable Energy EXPO 2013 In New Delhi

Shenzhen SETEC Power had attended renewable energy expo 2013 in New Delhi, from Sept.12-Sept.14.


Weshow our solar pump inverter, pure sine wave inverter, power bank andbattery resistance tester (also called battery analyzer) at our booth.


Asthis expo is mainly about solar products, and our aim is marketing oursolar pump inverter the whole of India. India government gives bigsupport for solar products, especially solar pump system for farmerdrinking water and irrigation since beginning of 2013. Solar pump systemis very popular in India. People hear about solar pump system, but theymay not see it. This is a good chance for us to demo our solar pumpsystem at our booth. So that more and more people can understand solarpump system working easily at our booth. This is also good way forpeople to know about our solar pump inverter. And they can believe weare professional manufacturer of solar pump inverter.


Duringthe show, a lot of customers visit our booth. Most of them are veryinterested in our solar pump inverter. But some of them do not knowknowledge about solar pump inverter. So they request us to introducemore and more details.

 Though we are tired of explanation, we are happyto let more and more people to know saving energy product-solar pumpinverter. As non-renewable energy is less and less, renewable energyproduct becomes popular and popular in the world.


Somecustomers are also interested in our battery resistance tester, it isvery high technology product. We research and design it for 3 years, nowit is in the market since end of 2012. It is very intelligent batteryanalyzer. Handhold size, touch screen operation, good looking and highquality.


Power bank is very popular. Most customers are interested in it because of its beautiful design and good quality.


In one word, there are a lot of customers interested in our products. Hope we can get good orders in following months.

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