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CCS EV BMW i3 Charged By CCS Combo Charger

Setec Power manufactures CCS Combo 1 and CCS Combo 2 to meet the development of CCS fast charging station required in Europe and America, Canada markets.


CHAdeMO and CCS Fast Chargers make electric cars more useful and importantly, because of EV drivers knowing they can quickly recharge. It seems that Electric car owners with fast-charge capable cars, with enough fast charging stations around them.


The number of CCS Combo chargers in Europe has increased 10 times over the past two years to just over 2,000 in total according to CCS Charger Map.


Setec Power CCS fast charging station (Combined Charging System) have been exported to Europe and America markets to serve CCS EVs, such BMW i3, BMW i8, VW e-Golf.The 2017 model year could be the year that electric cars—of the mainstream, non-Tesla variety—make triple-digit range the norm, not the exception. The Ford Focus Electric will be a 100-mile car come this fall, the Nissan Leaf became a 107-mile car last year, and the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV is promising a range of 200 miles. And as we reported earlier and BMW now confirms, its funky i3 will come with a more potent lithium-ion battery for 2017, upping possible range from 81 miles to an estimated 114 miles.


The i3's new battery features cells with higher energy density, yielding a 33.0-kWh capacity, with the same external pack dimensions as the 22.0-kWh version.

A Level 2 charger should fully charge the i3's battery in 4.5 hours—one hour longer than was required by the smaller, 22.0-kWh battery—with roughly 80 percent of the pack's capacity replenished in just 40 minutes.


If using Level 3 fast charger, the BMW i3 is charged full charge in less than 10 mins by 50kw CCS fast charging station.


So CCS Combo fast charger plays an important pole in EV charging markets in Europe and America.


Also, now more and more BMW i3 and VW e-Golf EV drivers use Setec Power CCS combo fast charger to charge their EVs and have a good response in chargers.

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